Tubular Bandage

Firm and comfortable pressure for stable fixation of dressings, fluid/feeding lines, pads, catheters and much more Made of strong, tear-resistant, light-weight material. Excellent material memory. Porous texture provides air flow and breathability to aid healing. No tape and unravelling required Comes in a variety of sizes for multiple areas of application

Abdominal Bandage

ABDOMINAL BANDAGE ,It is being seen after surgery dog /cat get aggressive and try to cut or bite even E - collars .Under these circumstances it is advised for Abdominal Bandage . Abdominal Bandage is made up of pure cotton which is well suported by velcaro which give proper support and ventilation to your dog/ cat and protect the area from licking and unwanted dust which may cause infection.

During surgeries like Spaying and Neutered Abdomen Bandage really support well.

A part from this during Derma cases where dog or cat feels irritation there also you can adviced

Size Dimensions
Small 46x32 CM
Medium 51x35 CM
Large 56x40 CM
Extra Large 66x57 CM