Aerosol Chambers

"this is again a instrument widely being used when ever dog/ cat is suffering from Lung Infections or in chronic asthametic attacks. This arosol chamber is made up of medical plastic and with this 03 silicon caps are being provided with each bottle. So according to size of the mouth for dog / cat one can use it. Back side of each plastic bottle is space where we can put asthalin pump which is widely being used in human being. After every use you can advice just open the plastic attachment clean with water and put in any open area, so no need to rinse it."


"it is manufactured with Aluminium tubes , with silver coated powder to give long lasting life and shine. We have attached washable cloth with safety strips attached to it , which give total protection to the animal while carrying. It is 6 feet in length and 2 feet width which can accomodate up to giant size dogs . Holding capacity is close to 140 kg so relaible. For your convinence it is available in two sku.

1. Two fold
2 . Four Fold .
If in clinics we have sufficent space can reccomed 2 folds or otherwise 4 folds as 4 fold you can keep in small bag which we provide along the strature. 2 fold strature is orange colour and 4 fold is in Green colour."