Dog Catheter

Urinary catheterization in dogs is used a procedure done by a veterinarian. This is when the veterinarian places a plastic tube, known as a catheter, into the dog's penile urethra or vulva urethra. Urinary catheterization is often used to diagnose and treat underlying problems involving the dog's urinary tract system.

Available sizes are FG 6 / FG 8 and FG 10 Length is 500mm

Cat Catheter with stylet

Cat Catheters with side holes
– Ideal for urine sample collection, urine retention and bladder lavage
– The catheter with stylet is softer then the catheter without stylet
Stylet to aid placement. The use of a stylet will give the catheter the stiffness for easy insertion, but is removed upon placement for comfort

AVAILABLE Sizes are : 1 x 130 mm and 1.3 x 130 mm FG 3 AND FG 4

Foley Catheter

100 % silicon construction. Medium length round tip with two opposing eyes. With radio-opaque line. Maximum softness and bio-compatibility to enhance patient comfort. Technically advanced process makes the balloon an integral part of the tip. No “glue” ridge to irritate the urethral upon insertion and removal. Suitable for long term placement. Silicon cathters with high biocompatibility.

Avaiable in FR 8 and Fr 10