Bird Collars

BUSTER disposable Collar for birds prevents the bird from picking feathers and wounds. Easy to apply with an office stapler. Transparent material.

SIZE : A pack of 15, assorted collars of all sizes

Cat Collars

The Buster Soft Collar is for cats and small dogs. The collar is comfortable, soft, non-woven material which is water repellent and easy to clean. Particularly suitable for cats due to the shape and flexibility of the collar.


Cushion Collars

CUSHION COLLARS, as the name suggest these are the E - collars on which cushion is attached at the neck area which give comfort to your dog or cat. It is available in all the four sizes S ,M, L and XL As these collars come in pink colour so apart giving ur dog comfort looks good also. These are again transparent in nature so dog / cat can look in all directions. These collars are very flexible so dog can't tear it.


E-Collar/Flip Collar

Happy Pets Solution introduced a new set of collars which are wait specefic, that is from a small pup to large size dog. As wait of the collar should proportionate to the wait of the dog.

Our size of e collar start from 7.5 cm and which can be adjusted up to 5.5 cm which is the circumference of the neck of dog or cat and reached up to 40 cm which is good for full grown Mastiff and Great Dane.

Secondly our E collars are transparent in nature that means dog can see in all directions as in the case of blind collars or opaque collars dogs always feel confused or anxious which at times owner ask to remove it.

Thirdly as we are maintaining wait specefic collars according to dog so it is always very light in wait Fourthly and most importantly our collars are very flexible so neither it can be removed and nor can be teared off Lastly and most important due to light wait it does not put wait on the neck as in some cases dog started moving by putting it's neck down

SIZE : 7.5 CM, 10 CM, 12.5 CM, 15 CM, 20 CM, 25 CM, 30 CM, 35 CM, 40 CM

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