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Feeding the noblest of them all…

AVEVE Group has an extraordinarily good reputation for producing high quality horse feed. Our network of innovative production sites in Western Europe allows us to offer consumers worldwide the best feed for any type of horse. Whether a horse is active in jumping, eventing, dressage, driving, breeding, Western, shows or recreational… the correct feed will help your horse to do its very best and perform as desired. Our horse feed is currently exported to approximately 25 countries. AVEVE Group produces approximately 75,000 tonnes of horse feed, distributed in bulk and bags, annually.

Our brands offer the best for the best performances

We deliver the best product for every stage in a horse’s life and career. Our customer base not only consists of global elite athletes, horse clubs and riding schools, well-known breeders and stud farms, it also includes an extended pool of customers that keep a horse for purely recreational purposes.